A mountain in the middle of the sea. An amulet in the end of Aegean. Far for the many but always near for chosen, it is knows as the island of The Great Gods. The gods of sky, nature and sea lived sometimes here and their marks are still obvious in the senses. Words can’t describe such a part.


You should visit it to feel that weird sentiment that causes you and the energy that surrounds it. The island of Samothraki is a unique destination. It is rich in archaeological monuments of great beauty, as in mountain waters and waterfalls of Fountains, to name only one of the innumerable streams that run through the island. Equally unforgettable is the mystical environment of the archaeological site, the impressive coastline at Pachia Ammos and Kippoi, the underwater treasures and, naturally, the imposing Mount Saos (1.620m) ideal for mountain trekking.

Samothraki is home to the famous “Nike of Samothrace” statue (the goddess of victory) which today is housed in the Louvre, but also to the mystery cult of Kabeiroi that gave the island fame in antiquity.


Its abundant water sources, rare flora and endless streams that form impressive waterfalls compose a rare, exotic landscape registered under the Natura 2000 network of protected areas.

Samothraki is as ideal for experienced mountain climbers, as for those who enjoy just walking along the banks of creeks in a setting of unbelievable beauty. The hot springs close to the village of Therma are known since the Byzantine times for their therapeutic qualities.

Samothraki has great beaches, most of them covered with “coracles” (black pebbles) and some sandy beaches in its southern part. The wide variety of swimming options - either in thermal waters, the sea or “vathres”, lakes formed by waterfalls, offers visitors a unique opportunity for rejuvenation and relaxation in an environment abounding in waters and greenery that takes them on a journey in a special, apocalyptic way. The clean beaches, age-old plane trees, lush vegetation, crystal-clear waters, impressive waterfalls and the mysterious “vathres” offer exotic vacations along with gastronomic pleasures.

With its alternative cafes, traditional taverns, crystal waters, natural treasures and serene landscape, Samothraki gives the impression that time has stopped.

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