We seem to live in times when fake ideals are a convenient replacement for the real thing, with little or no exploration of any other horizons beyond social networks trends.

However, some of us prefer the pursuit of the real thing, seeking, searching, building symphonic balance between the raw conditioning of the body, the cultivation of the mind and continuous unfolding growth of the ancient warrior spirit, all the while maintaining a harmony with our natural environment.


After experimenting Samothraki ourselves and later having an assembly in Maribor with like minded coaches and athletes …we have decided to go back again, share our philosophy and training methods with others. Camp attendance should be seen as an opportunity to learn, to grow and experience the values we stand for as individuals. There are no certification, diplomas or levels …there is only an opportunity to show who you really are and to become someone better.

We are not satisfied with what this world and society has to offer. We want to train our mind and body to overcome all obstacles in life, build strength, endurance and resilience.

...and to do so we disconnect from the modern world, go back to the wild, in quiet and beautiful places, challenge ourselves and keep our senses and spirituality awake. 

We believe that overcoming physical challenges in and out of the gym, using the old ways and moral values can make you tough in your daily modern world life. This camp is for the ones who wants to take a break from the modern world and train in nature with minimal equipment, with a raw and primal approach, to hike, climb, swim, move and grow under the eye of Lykôrgos.

A fit body, strong mind and the most important a strong heart is the standard we demand to participants. We are not going to count your reps, nor hold your hand when it gets tough ...but we are not going to leave you and will be pushing your mental and physical limits. Make no mistake, we will spend our days being physically active most of the day, not everything will be hard effort but the volume of everything is not to be underestimated. All we want from you is the will to not quit, to endure and give your true 100%, not your perceived 100%!



for toughness


• how you improve matters: you have to suffer

• enduring pain is death without dying • defend equality through hardship • learn by experience and become

for weakness


• endurance is always a strength • strength is never a weakness • weakness is never a strength

for strength


• endure the hour of truth • challenge your strength

• kill your weakness

to become


• harsh, yet just • become better

• by becoming

you can’t

destroy us,

we destroy us



core values


• take opposite course to the majority ...majority is always wrong • value higher standards of honour • practice greater sense of respect • anger must never prevail over respect • take pride in being humble • share with each other • equality is earned



• what you need must be earned with effort • get a taste of not having enough • be prepared for cold and heat • work hard without eating • don’t hide from pain • strengthen your feet



• neither too much nor too little food • share, give and dine together • eat strong to be strong


• how you improve matters, you must suffer • builds physical and mental toughness • don’t hide from your weakness • build your strength • endure whatever 


• development of moral excellence feeds the noble qualities of the spirit • one who helps a companion by undertaking physical labor is more reputable then one who helps just with money • to be treated as “equal" among “equals” ones work ethic must be second to none

bravery & pride

• everyone wants alliance with the brave and strong

• everyone should be ashamed to associate with a coward and morally weak • an honourable death is preferable to a life of disgrace


• spirit should always be superior to your physical body • healthy spirit in a healthy body

Text by Targan Kozak and Marck Goran Lorencin

© 2018, all rights reserved by Targan Kozak.